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When you are big, you must be kind. The meaning of this expression can vary depending on who says it. But for us it means that since we are able to contribute time, energy and money in some areas, that is what we have decided to do.

We mainly support causes that are close to our hearts - children and various organisations that conduct research into cancer and other diseases.

We support the following organisations. 


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund works to fight childhood cancer and ensure that the children affected and their families receive the care and the support they need. 85% of children diagnosed with cancer survive. But that’s not enough. In Sweden, cancer is still the most common cause of death in children and young people aged 1-14 years. We want to help change this and that’s why we support research into the causes and treatment of childhood cancer.


In 2020, more children than ever before contacted the children’s rights organisation BRIS. During the pandemic, many children experienced an upending of regular routines and social isolation became the norm - being able to get help quickly became more important than ever. Thanks to donations, Children’s Rights in Society has been able to hire more counsellors, extend its opening hours and keep its chat and phone lines open round the clock. It is both sad and tragic that this organisation has to exist in the first place. We are giving Children’s Rights in Society our support because it is needed!

Team Rynkeby

Team Rynkeby is a European charity project that raises money every year to support children with cancer and other critical illnesses and their families. The cyclists are divided into teams that make their way to Paris together on their bikes. Team Rynkeby was founded in Denmark in 2002 when 11 amateur cyclists associated with the Danish juice producer Rynkeby Foods A/S decided to bike to Paris to watch the final stage of the Tour de France. Read the whole story about Team Rynkeby.


Ruko Dahl is originally from Sri Lanka and launched the Point Pedro Project after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Help was desperately needed and Ruko was unable to help everyone, but decided to make use of the resources that were available.

The first task was to take care of children that had lost their families in the tsunami and had no food, clothes or roof over their heads. Then a sponsorship programme was launched to raise money to be able to buy essential supplies. Since then, a number of projects have been and are being carried out and the children who are being cared for within the Point Pedro Project receive help until they reach the age of 18.

Facts about the sponsorship programme

– 83 children are cared for under the programme. Arom-dekor Kemi sponsors 20 of them with a donation of SEK 200 per person each month
– Arom-dekor Kemi also provided additional funding during the pandemic when food availability became very problematic
– Point Pedro Project has more than 50 sponsors that make various contribution