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Vilokan Group

We are part of the Vilokan Group of companies whose core business is based on environmental technology, water purification and recycling. Interaction between the companies in the Group creates synergies that further accelerate the circular economy. We play a role in helping the environment by using treated and recycled raw materials to produce new products. For the environment, for the economy, for the future.




The technical solutions created at Vilokan Recycling Tech are the heart of the Vilokan Group. The company functions as the Group’s innovation centre and comprises the Technology business area. Vilokan ADF Solutions uses an advanced process to recycle 99.9% pure glycol from used de-icing fluid. This means that the recycled glycol is ready to be mixed to produce new de-icing fluid for use at the airport or as a component in other glycol-based products.



Vilokan ADF Solutions is fully focused on helping airports all over the world to collect spent de-icing fluids and protect the natural world, treat the water and recycle the glycol. Closing the loop and creating a profitable business that provides end-to-end technology and service solutions.



The third business area in the Vilokan Group is Fluids. Here, the chemicals company Arom-Dekor Kemi makes it possible for the Group to have its own closed-loop system, allowing recycled raw materials and treated water from the Group’s other business areas to be transformed into new products.