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Code of conduct Arom-dekor Kemi

Arom-dekor Kemi AB's codes of conduct are based on our values and are based on the principles of human rights, labor law, the environment and corruption in accordance with the UN Global Compact's ten principles and its underlying conventions, declarations and guidelines. The Code of Conduct aims to ensure that our suppliers* have safe working conditions, that employees are respected and treated with dignity and that manufacturing processes take into account both the external and internal environment.

*Suppliers refer to all suppliers and actors in the value chain.


Arom-dekor's codes of conduct together with our values form the basis for how we conduct our business and show both ourselves and the outside world what can be expected of us. We describe obligations, laws and requirements that give us guidance when facing ethical dilemmas and help us make good decisions. 

We demand compliance with the Code of Conduct

Arom-Dekor requires all suppliers and workers to work in accordance with the principles of the Code of Conduct and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Regardless of position or role, all of us should contribute to Arom-dekor's long-term success. Our managers have a responsibility to lead by example and also include ensuring that their team adopts our Code of Conduct. 


Employees at Arom-dekor must report if there is suspicion of things that violate our Code of Conduct or legislation. In the first instance, employees report to their immediate manager, but if this is not appropriate, there is also the possibility to report their suspicions anonymously via the Arom-dekor whistleblowing system.


In the event that an employee chooses not to comply with the Code, it may result in disciplinary action including the risk of dismissal or legal action. If a supplier is guilty of serious deviations or repeatedly shows unwillingness to make improvements, this can jeopardize the supplier's business relationship with Arom-dekor and action can be taken.

Summary of our Code of Conduct

Business ethics

  • We have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption
  • All financial documents must be complete and accurate
  • Situations that may lead to a conflict of interest shall be avoided
  • Respect competition law
  • Legislation and principles of tax management should always be followed 

Human rights

  • We support and respect international conventions on human rights 
  • We promote diversity and equality
  • Everyone should treat employees with respect and dignity
  • We have zero tolerance for violations and discrimination
  • We do not accept forced or debt labor
  • We do not accept child labor

Health & safety at work

  • We have a zero vision for workplace accidents 
  • Proactively work to create an accident-free work environment
  • Employees must have relevant safety training for their work
  • Adapted and relevant protective equipment 


  • We prioritize suppliers who work proactively and systematically for a sustainable environment
  • Proactively work to continuously improve environmental work
  • Conduct climate work in line with the Paris Agreement's 1.5 degree target. 

Our core values

Arom-dekor is a company with strong and clear values

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