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What is AdBlue and why is it needed?


AdBlue is a product used in vehicles with SCR technology in the exhaust system. Practically all cars and heavy vehicles with diesel engines are fitted with this technology today. Despite its name, AdBlue is a colourless liquid mixture of deionised water and 32.5% urea. It is non-toxic and safe to handle.

SCR stands for selective catalytic reduction, which is a technology used for reducing emissions from the exhaust gas of diesel engines. For the technology to work, the AdBlue liquid needs to be injected into the exhaust system.

Reduces emissions
SCR reduces emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides by up to 90%.

Advancements in technology
To gain a perspective, you could say that the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and particulate matter produced by one car from the mid-70s is the same as that produced by one hundred new cars today. Compared with a Euro-1 diesel car (1992), a Euro-6 diesel car produces 95% less NOx and 97% fewer particles.

Adblue from Arom-dekor
You should always be able to feel confident that Arom-dekor can be relied on to supply your AdBlue. We always carry out tests to ensure that our AdBlue meets all the quality requirements. We take samples from all batches that are produced and have full traceability of all the AdBlue that we produce, enabling us to guarantee that we deliver top quality at all times.


AdBlue® filling stations can be bought and leased from Arom-dekor. Having your own filling station makes life much easier when your business operations, for example haulage operators, use large volumes of AdBlue®.

The tanks that you buy or lease from us are fitted with a system that enables us to monitor and top up your AdBlue regularly with our own AdBlue tanker trucks. In other words, we monitor your AdBlue levels and top up your tanks when needed.



With our bulk delivery service, tanker trucks will come and top up your tanks. You can have scheduled bulk deliveries or order a delivery when needed. We manage the distribution of bulk deliveries every day, with our own vehicles and hired operators. We make bulk deliveries to most parts of Sweden and offer quick delivery times.


AdBlue® is available from Arom-dekor Kemi in a variety of container sizes - so you can choose a size that fits your requirements. 

  • IBC - 1000 litres
    Our largest container, except for bulk delivery. When you buy the 1000-litre option it comes in an IBC.
  • Barrel - 210 litres
    The second largest option. Pumps can be purchased to facilitate handling the liquid in a barrel.
  • Can - 5, 10 and 25 litres
    Cans offer a more manageable option. We offer AdBlue® in 5, 10 and 25-litre cans. Except for the 25-litre can, all cans have a pour spout.
  • Bag - 4 litres
    The smallest option is our 4-litre bag. These are sold in packs of 3 and are ideal for quickly, conveniently and easily topping up your AdBlue®. A pour spout is included here as well.



1. How much AdBlue® is needed? 
The amount of Adblue® required depends on the type of vehicle (heavy vehicle or passenger car) and how it is used. A rule of thumb is on average 1.5 litres of AdBlue® per 1000 km. Standard consumption of AdBlue® is 4–6% of the fuel consumption for Euro-4 and Euro-5 vehicles. AdBlue is always poured into a separate tank in the vehicle and must never be mixed with the diesel.

2. Who is permitted to manufacture AdBlue®?
A product may only be called AdBlue if it is manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the European standard ISO/PAS 22241-1. Only then may the product be labelled with the trademark AdBlue®. Manufacturers of AdBlue must have efficient and quality-assured production. Arom-dekor Kemi satisfies all of these requirements.

3. Where and how can you buy AdBlue®?
AdBlue® is available for purchase from auto workshops, service stations and other outlets. It comes in a range of quantities, including 4-litre bags and various can sizes. Arom-dekor packages and sells our AdBlue® in container sizes from 4 litres up to full tanker truck loads.

4. How long does AdBlue® keep?
The product has a shelf-life of 1 year after the date of production, provided it is stored under the recommended conditions.  Remember that AdBlue® must not be mixed with other liquids.

5. How should AdBlue® be transported and stored?
AdBlue® is relatively harmless to animals and humans. The liquid is not toxic and cannot explode or ignite. AdBlue® can be transported and stored with minimal risk. AdBlue® crystallises at temperatures below -11°C. If the product freezes, it can be used again after thawing. AdBlue should not be stored at high temperatures or in direct sunlight as this can cause the product to separate. The liquid can no longer be used if it has separated. Splashes of AdBlue® can leave white spots which can be wiped off with a cloth and warm water.

Why choose Arom-dekor?

From us you can order all types of packaging or deliveries directly via our webshop. We offer a complete solution adapted to your needs.

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